Sports Illustrated’s Tim Newcomb checks out LIVV Headphones

Mark Clayon had the opportunity to speak with Sports Illustrated’s Tim Newcomb  to discuss his journey from playing in the NFL to developing headphones for the active lifestyle. Mark spoke about LIVV’s unique SureFit band, which uses tension to keep the headphones on during any activity. Mark told Tim to look out for LIVV during NFL pregame workouts this season.

Ex-Ravens, Rams Receiver Mark Clayton Designs NFL-ready Headphones

NFL Fan Pass: Gerald McCoy interviews Mark Clayton on Radio Row

Mark Clayton showed up at Radio Row celebrating Super Bowl 50. Fellow University of Oklahoma alumnus Gerald McCoy talks with Mark about why he created LIVV Headphones and some of the features. Headphones that can provide you freedom from your devices, freedom to workout as you want, and freedom to work out on land and water.  Also, Mark gives us his pick for Super Bowl 50 Champions.

Mark Clayon Super Bowl 50 Radio Row Interview

Mark Clayton Interview with Gerald McCoy at Super Bowl 50 Radio Row

USAToday Interview with Ed Baig

Mark Clayton interviewed by USA Today’s Ed Baig

Mark had a great opportunity to get technical about the LIVV Headphones with USA Today’s Personal Tech editor Ed Baig.  Mark’s described his experience driving the need for a high-performance headphone for people with an active lifestyle.  One of the main features are the Surefit Band to keep the headphone in place, although while getting hit by Linebackers is still untested.  Additional benefits of the LIVV Headphone are it’s self-contained.  You can use it without having to be tethered to your phone or another device, restricting your activity.  Finally, LIVV Headphones are waterproof, so you can wear them without worrying about being damaged by the pool, or your sweatiest workouts. The pre-sales launches on Kickstarter this fall.  Make sure you sign up for our newsletter so you don’t miss anything.

ABC’s Rebecca Jarvis – The Future of Active Headphones

Rebecca Jarvis – Future of Active Headphones

LIVV Headphones got the interest of Real Biz’s Rebecca Jarvis a few days ago.  Mark Clayton sat down with her to discuss his journey to find perfect headphones for active users.  Mark talks about the process he went through, from being true to values from his family, to get getting the right people together.  Rebecca asked about Mark’s insight on being an Entrepreneur, and specifically an Athlete Entrepreneur.  Mark’s biggest financial regret?  Keeping a house through the 2008 housing bubble.  Check out the interview, and then get involved with the Kickstarter campaign!

The Pitch: Former Ravens wide receiver building athletic headphones in N. Texas

Mark Clayton’s NFL career ended when he suffered a knee injury in 2011. But his journey as an entrepreneur was just beginning.

The former wide receiver for the Baltimore Ravens and the St. Louis Rams relied on music to carry him through his workouts. But the number of options built for athletic activity was scarce and frustrating for Clayton.

So he did what he thought was necessary: He set out to build his own.

Forbes Article

Former NFL Wide Receiver Mark ClaytonTo Compete In Crowded Headphone Industry

There is no lack of choices when it comes to purchasing headphones. The more popular brands include Beats by Dre, Bose, Klipsch and Koss. Yet, former National Football League wide receiver Mark Clayton recognized the increasingly crowded headphones space and still decided that the industry was ripe for investment. The No. 22 overall pick of the Baltimore Ravens in the 2005 NFL Draft transitioned to becoming a businessman soon after retirement and is in the process of preparing to launch a new brand called Livv Headphones.

Livv Headphones and Kickstarter

Razoyo has been working with Mark Clayton, former NFL player turned tech entrepreneur. We’re still in the building phase of his website, but, I would encourage you to check out his Kickstarter page. Not only is Mark Clayton a great guy to work with, he’s a focused entrepreneur with an eye for design and passion for excellence.