When you’re working out, you’re most likely listening to music through earbud headphones. How do I know this? If you look at any ranking of active headphones, every spot is taken by in-ear equipment, even though over-ear headphones deliver the best sound.

But what if you’re sick of losing earbuds? What if you don’t want to fumble with cords?

What if you want intense, high quality sound without sacrificing your workout?

All of these questions have lead us to found LIVV, and bring the first premium over-the-ear headphone option that is non-restrictive, secure, water resistant and beautiful. They won’t fall off, there are no small parts to lose, and there are no cords. You don’t even need to carry your phone with you, as they even have built in memory.

If you’re here, that means you’re excited about the disruption we’re bringing to the headphone industry, and we’re thrilled to have you along for the ride. We’re going to keep you updated on brand and product news here, but you’ll also find so much more. We’ll be looking at new music, audio technology, sports and more – the information you care about, all in one place.

We’re proud to present the first LIVVFree Audiophile News Flash Update, chock full of great content from around the web, tailored for those who Live Free:


Complekt by Landing  

We’re loving the new track from Connecticut based Landing, who are firmly in the space-rock genre. It’s impossible to not want to demolish a workout while listening to this track:

Great Music Can Mend A Broken Heart…As Well As A Broken Body

South Korean scientists have confirmed what we already knew – music can help us manage pain, and even reduce the level of pain we perceive. So whether you’re the victim of misdirected affection, or a misdirected vehicle, pop in your favorite tunes to help the pain ease faster. At LIVV, we knew this instinctively – which is why we created headphones that allow you to take your music everywhere.

Audio Technology

Soon You’ll ‘Shop Sounds

We all know Adobe as the makers of Photoshop, the iconic photo editor that’s most of the way to joining the leagues of Kleenex, Rollerblade and Xerox as eponyms for their products. However, they announced today that they’re working on a “photoshop for sound,” dubbed VoCo.

At the moment, the software focuses on voice overs, but it’s not hard to imagine the possibilities that it holds for music.

Apple Logic Gets A Face Lift in 2017

For audio engineers and hobbyists everywhere, this is a pretty exciting announcement: Apple’s Logic audio editor will become much more visually accessible in 2017, as it will appear on the MacBook Pro Touch Bar, an already proven tool with other editing software, such as Final Cut Pro.


Get Inspired

If you’re looking to get inspired, don’t miss Oakland Raiders’ punter Marquette King’s autobiographical piece in The Player’s Tribune. The star describes the first time he was on the field in a major arena, prejudices he experienced throughout his life that made him stronger through life lessons, and how football has affected his approach to life in general.

Learn From The Pros

Jack Slack of Vice broke down the fight between Conor McGregor and Eddie Alvarez, move by move. It’s incredible to re-watch each attack, and is coupled well with Slack’s commentary intertwined throughout. This great piece would give any MMA fighter insight into how they can improve their own techniques.

Workout Tips

Earn Your Turkey and Pie

New data suggests that, during a week of binging – such as the upcoming holidays – much of the damage can be significantly reduced by continuing to exercise throughout. That’s right, even if you have no plans of limiting yourself to just one slice of pie, if you still go for your morning run, you’ll be much better off.

Proper Programming for Weight Progression

Weightroom celebrity Brian Alsruhe of TNation delivered an incredibly detailed video over the weekend on how he set up his linear progression program over the past decade. The video is laid out to cover three months at a time, and he explains how each exercise is decided upon, as well as how he creates splits that are highly effective and prevent overuse injuries.



Thank you again for reading our first blog post, and come back next week for everything you need to know about bringing your workouts to the next level with the best workouts, the best music, and the best inspiration.