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Darren Rovell noticed LIVV’s $117,000 Kickstarter

ESPN’s Sports Business writer and expert Darren Rovell took notice of LIVV after a successful Kickstarter campaign that raised $117,000. Former OU & NFL WR Mark Clayton's wireless headphone brand LIVV raised $117K on Kickstarter. Hitting market at $349 — Darren Rovell (@darrenrovell) August 30, 2016

Vocativ: Helmets to LIVV Headphones

Mark Clayton had a candid conversation with Vocativ‘s Joe Lemire about the story behind LIVV’s inception and his passion for music growing up. Mark has always enjoyed engineering and told the story about his lunch with audio entrepreneur Dale Lott, who was initially skeptical of the headphone design. Mark won him over after lunch and soon…

Sound and Vision listens to LIVV Headphones

The audio industry is a crowed page but LIVV quickly grabbed the attention of Sound and Vision. A true differentiation between LIVV and its competitors is the built-in MP3 player with 8 gigabytes of storage, in addition to the Bluetooth 4.1 capabilities. LIVV Headphone Boasts Patented No-Slip Headband  

Crimson and Cream Machine: LIVV Headphones Gaining Traction

LIVV Headphones caught the interest of SBNation’s Crimson & Cream Machine, a site dedicated to Oklahoma Sooners athletics.  Mark’s work since 2012 on the brand was highlighted and has intrigued the Sooners faithful. Oklahoma Sooners Football: Mark Clayton’s Headphones Gaining Traction  

Sports Illustrated’s Tim Newcomb checks out LIVV Headphones

Mark Clayon had the opportunity to speak with Sports Illustrated’s Tim Newcomb  to discuss his journey from playing in the NFL to developing headphones for the active lifestyle. Mark spoke about LIVV’s unique SureFit band, which uses tension to keep the headphones on during any activity. Mark told Tim to look out for LIVV during NFL…